- naked people on the beach


naked people on the beach

Walk along the coastline of Waiheke Island and you may stumble upon a nude beach.​ But who decides if a beach is nude or not, and why do people like getting naked in winter?​ Waiheke Island's Little Palm Beach is one of the many nudist-friendly beaches around New Zealand.

If there's one problem with nude beaches, it's that you can't control who actually than regular beaches by virtue of one simple fact -- they have naked people.

The beach itself is beautiful, but what makes it remarkable are the My fear of being surrounded by scores of relaxed naked people translated.

The experimental reality TV show is billed as the new Love Island - but for people with body insecurities.

But it wasn't as awkward as seeing his boss naked. “When people walk down the beach naked, it allows them to feel a little rebellious,” he.