14 girls explain their first thoughts after seeing an erection for the first time | Metro News - first time touching erect penis


Five Girls and a Guy Talk About the First Time They Touched a Penis - VICE first time touching erect penis

This article originally appeared on VICE Australia. For most people, their first experience touching someone else's junk is awkward, surprising.

When was the first time you saw a penis of a grown man in your life and what . What was your reaction when you saw a fully erect adult penis for the first time?

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Can you remember back to the first time you saw an erect penis? Probably not - and we don't blame you, it's probably not something you'd.

The first time I reached into my ninth grade boyfriend's pants to give him a I even looked down to check that he was actually erect. I thought they were so cool, the way grew and pulsated and responded to my touch.