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14, _ \ A water-ti ht joint or packing for roots, weatherboarging, stares, or similar purposes, consisting of a strip of paper, paper board, or vulcanized fiber.

There's something poetic about pulling dirt out of your face with a sticky rectangle for all the world to see.​ Chrissy Teigen, patron saint of social media candor, put that indescribable feeling on display for her millions of followers on Wednesday morning, when she indulged in a.

yall would not pick on a fella that couldnt type would you. Supposed to be "steel though." I used 2"x4" steel square tubing that was cut to shape.

Duke Stares Down Death, 10/22/ Trudeau: Duke's life fans out before his eyes when a fellow inmate in a Port-au-Prince jail attacks him with.