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Pay attention: eleven-year-old Danny is about to start his secret life.​ And you are not allowed to tell anyone, or who knows what will happen?​ Danny is about to transform into Danger Dan–the only boy superhero who can save us all!

Lesley-Anne and Monica LimIllustrated by James Tan Sample | Get the E-book SynopsisGadget Girl Melody is off her game this time and needs Danny's help.

The original five-book Danger Dan series was first published in as a fun, fictional exploration of Singapore's key historical milestones, and remain very.

Danger Dan is an action-packed children's book series based in Singapore. Perfect for kids who love time travel, comic books and superheroes!

Dog is lost! It's a race against time as Danny and Melody have to find him in the heart of the Botanic Gardens before the authorities get to him first. The odds are.