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Soft Spots by adult mom, released 1. Ephemeralness 2. Full Screen 3. J Station 4. Patience 5. Tenderness 6. Same 7. Steal The Lake From The.

Adult Mom’s sophomore album, Soft Spots, starts off quiet and slow, much like the project’s earliest work and the more downbeat moments on their debut LP, ’s Momentary Lapse Of Happily, but it settles into a jangly and introspective groove that feels assured in a way.

Adult Mom began as the solo project of Stephanie Knipe in a Purchase College dorm room in ​ Adult Mom now falls between the playful spectrum of solo project and collaborative band with beloved friends and musicians Olivia Battell, Mike Dvorscak, and Bruce Hamilton.

Steph Knipe asks a lot of questions on Soft Spots, the new album from Adult Mom​, their bedroom project-turned-indie band. Some have to do.

Adult Mom - Soft Spots. Tiny Engines. Adult Mom - Soft Spots. 9 tracks, 25 minutes 56 seconds. Adult Mom - Ephemeralness · Adult Mom - Full Screen.