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Baptism - St. Leonard Parish adult christening st leonards

Please contact the St Leonard's Parish Office if you would like to explore baptism as an adult, and we will arrange for one of the clergy team to meet with you and.

Indeed the word 'christening', with the word 'Christ' in it, is the popular name for the ceremony. Both adults and children are baptised at St Leonard's, but if the.

Baptism/Christenings/Weddings/Funerals at St Leonards Church, Wigginton called Christening) is the ceremony in which a person - baby, child or adult - is.

At St Leonard's, we will be glad to welcome you and your child for baptism, whether or Adults who have not been baptised are prepared for both Baptism and.

Father Gerard will give you our Baptism Package. In addition to being a fully initiated Catholic (has received Baptism, Requirements for Baptism (adults).