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Aspiration from Dysphagia | Cedars-Sinai adult aspiration

This is common in older adults, infants, and people who have trouble swallowing or controlling their tongue. Most of the time aspiration won't cause symptoms.

Contact a doctor immediately if you notice any symptoms of pneumonia, especially in an older adult or infant. To diagnose aspiration pneumonia, your doctor will.

Dysphagia is more common in older adults. Stroke is a very common cause of both dysphagia and aspiration. About half of people who have had a stroke also​.

Aspiration can refer to a medical condition or a medical procedure. of aspiration in children may not be the same as those in adults and can.

Tracheobronchial foreign body (FB) aspiration is an uncommon but potentially life-threatening event in adults. Symptoms typically consist of a choking event.